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Pandemonium by KDH Pandemonium by KDH
:hump: - Apophysis - No Postwork - :hump:

(:blahblah: *I need some words .. throw me a hump)

Once again I've used up my word allotment for the time being .. If you saw my last posting that will come as NO surprise. They tell me that if you throw a few words back at me I can recharge my batteries and may yet be able to make the valedictorian speech I've always dreamed of making. If you have ever felt that you were vice-presidential material (then your parents failed you) by all means, tack an 'e' onto your 'potato' and send it to me, I will not think less of you or ridicule you in public

Like a telethon where all the on screen talent are being paid huge saleries ... Humongous, gargantuan, multisyllabic, block-busters are best ... not tiny ones ... I need elephantine, leviathan, mammoth words ... I shun the puny word offerings of others ... Please send me your unused prodigious, cyclopean, backbreaking words .. I am in deep kimchee here .. and only you can help. If you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and can part with a potbellied, roly-poly, jelly-belly of a word ... operators are standing by.

Brother can you spare a brobdingnagian word

C :boing: O :boing: M :boing: M :boing: E :boing: N :boing: T.......P :boing: L :boing: E :boing: A :boing: S :boing: E

P :boing: L :boing: E :boing: A :boing: S :boing: E ..... C :boing: O :boing: M :boing: M :boing: E :boing: N :boing: T

Oh, ... I came here to post a pic ... alrighty, then ... let's get on with it ... Enjoy!
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flammen-sehen Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2005
wow, cool! love the bright neonish colors, blends very well. except know what i'm gonna say...GRAIN! haha! just kidding it's really not bad.
KDH Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2005
Hmmmm ... Grain ...

I ran it thru "neat image" and decided to go with the non-filtered version. Generally speaking I prefer a 'sharp' .. 'crisp' image to a blurry or smoothed image.

:D How's school, work, and partying ... oh, .. and deuce?
flammen-sehen Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2005
whatever you think is're the fractologist and that's all that matters :D

school and works aight...pretty much all i do much partyin...just school and work and "art"yin (hehe) as for deuce...well go see for yerself!
Thelma1 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2005
Ooh, I love this one, just look at all those gorgeous colours, it's a :+fav: for sure :wow:

Oh, and here's a fancy word for you......daguerreotype :giggle: :hug:
theremon Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2005
Gotta agree with guitarzar about the appeal. Rather interesting. Looks like someone got into a fight with a canvas and loads of paints :) Definetely abstract, messy (not in a bad way), chaotic... The very definition of pandemonium :D
guitarzar Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting divergence from your usual flames. Funky swirly patternie (is that a word? I doubt it) kind of stuff. It defintely has an interesting appeal, especially with the bright colors. :D
JacquelineD Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2005
I really really really like this.... love the swirl of colours.... looks like my brain at the moment after sitting for hours trying to get this damn BURNER to work.. lol...

Very well done ..... LIKE IT... :boogie:
dinky03 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2005
OMG IT LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE SHOT A PARATE!!!!! i dont know if i spelled that right....OMG and that story like thing was the perfect length :D AWSOME JOB!
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February 5, 2005
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